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Due to the corona virus (COVID-19), all events will continue 
until further notice
our working group meeting in b-west will also be canceled!
We ask for your understanding.
We are therefore unlikely to be able to present a bonsai 
exhibition this year!




After the first shoot, we should think about fertilizing! 
Have a look here     Düngen 


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Since the translation is done with a PC program, I don't know if everything matches!
We would be very happy to receive any help and feedback (e mail).
 It will take a long time until all pages are finished, but we are working on it!



März 2014


The members of the Hildesheim Bonsai 
Working Group 
welcomes you to these pages

We would like to translate the following
pages of the website into English one
after the other. So that you get a better insight
into our activities. In the same way, we show
some of the trees (in galleries) that have been
newly arranged for a long time. Pictures
of exhibitions and excursions by the working
group are also posted regularly. You can also
learn a little useful things, such as tips on how
to care for the different tree species. In addition,
dates of the working group, the regional and national bonsai scene are shown. We use a PC program
for these translations and hope that everything
is correct and understandable. We are always grateful for suggestions and assistance!
On behalf of the working group members, warmest regards,

Reinhard Witte


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