Root cuttings from my rock cherry (Prunus mahaleb)

Root cuttings from my rock cherry (Prunus mahaleb)



When I wanted to plant my rock cherry in a provisional bonsai pot for the demonstration of our 2018 bonsai exhibition in March of this year, an approximately 5 cm diameter root piece was in the "way".


Then I sawed off this part of the root with a fine saw and planted it in a small bowl.

After about four weeks, the new stems sprout.

Some already have a height of approx. 18 cm.


For a year I just let them grow (and they get a lot of fertilizer)!


When the individual "tribes" have developed more, a larger, flat bowl comes.

At some point it will be a nice multiple strain.


The new pictures show the further development.


You can see what will become of the "mother plant" either at our exhibition or on another page of our website!


Kind regards from Hildesheim

Reinhard Witte



Root piece before and after sawing off, in March 2018


Root planted in March 2018

Root cuttings, June 2018


Root cuttings, June 2019



Root cuttings, April 2020a


Root cuttings, April 2020b


Root cuttings, April 2020c


Root cuttings, April 2020d



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