Ornamental quince as a rock planting



In spring 2017, I took 1½ hours to implement a new rock planting.


The plant cost just € 3.99.

I brought the stone with me from vacation. I have had the somewhat too large bonsai bowl for a long time.

 For me it was important that the roots were enough to reach over part of the stone into the earth.

 The tribe should also be easier to shape.

 So the age of the plant didn't really matter.

 The individual steps can be seen in the following pictures.

 It will take some time before a meaningful rock planting has developed.

 I would be very happy if the pictures serve everyone to get new suggestions and above all show:

Bonsai design doesn't always have to be expensive.

In the same way, you can of course give any feedback via our email contact or via the pin board.


In any case, I hope you enjoy the pictures!

 Reinhard Witte



First like this and then

so, the roots were over 20cm long.


The quince is placed on the stone and then


the upper area is first fixed with flower bas

So that the roots are more close to the stone, I have small pieces of wood under the
Flower bast pushed

Part of the roots were also fixed with the bonsai wire, but above all
also the stone of the Bonsai pot.

The fixation bandage is used to protect the roots with the Moss.

Now there is only a small cut back

and the first alignment with the bonsai wire

the Rock planting still looks very wrapped up.
But with time
it will be removed bit by bit.
The bonsai wire can then also be removed.




At the working group meeting in September, the tree branches were approx. 30 - 40 cm long. So they were cut back to us.

Then I removed the roots from the moss and the bandage.
In the next year, the ornamental quince can develop freely again until autumn.

After the ornamental quince was fertilized well and until the beginning of August 2018
could develop freely, she had an increase of almost 50cm!


the quince shows a little more fine branching!


After two years, the ornamental quince has started to bloom a lot in spring 2020.
All the wires (which had fixed the tree to the rock) could also be removed.
Likewise, there are at least two options for the view page

 page 1

page 2




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